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"Though each cast member exhibits their own distinct personality in their matching uniforms, Valerie Terranova, who is making her debut on the Lyric Stage with this show, is a particular highlight as serious, optimistic player #25.  The wise, unassuming way she leads the team shows that while the other girls may only see what is right in front of them, #25 sees where the game might take them, united, one victory at a time." 
 The Sleepless Critic review of THE WOLVES

"Valerie Terranova’s #25 is striking as the team’s captain
, who feels pulled between leadership and friendship in each interaction with her teammates. "
- ArtFuse review of THE WOLVES

"Valerie is an actress of depth and intelligence. Without uttering one word, she invites us into her characters' lives and reveals what they are thinking and feeling. A unique gift."
-Lily Rusek, Playwright of OUTPOST


​"Valerie Terranova is one of the most flexible, empathetic, and professional actors I know. She quickly grasps the nuances of her character and then gifts that character back to an audience as a layered, complex, engaging human being. "

-Cat Parker, Artistic Director, Articulate Theatre Company

“An insightful and present actor who could handle anything

-Owen Panettieri, playwright of A CHARMED LIFE

"Terranova is a winning young woman, quick on her feet and capable of great feeling.
The Daily Gazette on TWELFTH NIGHT

“Valerie’s performance was sharp, charming, and hilarious. She has a real talent for revealing a core of hidden longing beneath a delightful and witty bravado.
-Eric Percival, playwright of FIRST DATE

"[Terranova's] Fluellen stole the show for me."
-Show-score on Hamlet Isn't Dead's  HENRY V

"Valerie's immediate understanding and visceral instincts in regard to the character and script are brilliant!"
Wendy Mae Shelton, playwright of CHESTER'S RIGHT BEHIND YOU

"Valerie Terranova's Juliet...develops from a timid, adolescent girl being sized up for marriage into a mature, self-directed womanand her final scene is harrowingYou internalize the isolation she experiences as her emotional life drains away in the second act.

"....led by  Valerie Terranova's winklingly delightful turn as Fluellen - here transformed from a Welsh to a Spanish capitán to the delight of all. "
-The Classical on Hamlet Isn't Dead's HENRY V

Raw and gutsy, Valerie delivers powerful and intimate portrayals of the human experience.   She's a playwright's dream."
-Bara Swain, playwright of CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW?

"...a charming and lively Juliet." 
- Seacoast review of ROMEO AND JULIET

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